Newly released for the Pandora Console

Raptor: Call of the Shadows is a vertically scrolling shooter developed by Cygnus Studios (now Mountain King Studios) and published by Apogee Software in 1994 for DOS platform. Over the years Scott Host (the programmer) have done a Windows and a Linux release of the game, and this Pandora port is using his original Linux source code (that is NOT open source but he generously gave to me for this port), and he also gave a permission to use and distribute, BUT ONLY for this port, the original full game datas. Big Thanks to him.PLEASE: DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THE ORIGINAL GAME DATAS WITHOUT PERMISSION.He is also working on a modernized version of the game called Raptor Remixed.Check at -------------------------------Pandora port is running fullscreen with the help of SDL1.2 by NotazControls:DPAD : movementsB : fireX : fire special weaponY : MegaA : change special weaponsp : pause on/offEsc : exitd : press in menu to show demo modeF1 : Help screen

Download Here