Heres another Video from my Wraggys Beers Wines and Spirits Review Channel, check it out below :)

Hi i am a lover of Beers Wines and Spirits and also Homebrew. I did a 5 year stint on the BWS dept at Sainsburys and grew to love my job, so much that i tasted every single real ale, lager and cider on the Dept. Over the years ive tried thousands of ales and i wish i had thought about reviews earlier, im no expert but i know what tastes good and what doesnt and not afraid to give an opinion. I also love brewing my own Wines, Ciders and Beers.

If any companies would like to send me samples to review of any Beers, Lagers Wines, Homebrew or Spirits i would gladly love to review them, i like to focus on the positives. Email me here [email protected] and ill gladly review asap.

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