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Thread: new blog post on pandora blog Divine inspiration not included.

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    Default new blog post on pandora blog Divine inspiration not included.

    over at

    OK, well due to talking myself in to a corner over on the forum I've got to make an update on here today and thus the prophecy is true.

    So what's been going on? Well more dev units have shipped now, we have decided on how to solve the analogue nub issue too.

    The f5 crew might have noticed that we have changed the retail preorder date from June/July to August, this is to allow us to deal with the recent changes to the hardware and make sure everything is going to live in harmony together.

    We will send you all an email via the newsletter list before preordering to allow you to fake your own death and claim the life insurance. I won't be doing that though. I don't have life insurance. I really don't see the point. Unless I was going to fake my own death. Then I'd get some.

    Did they ever pay out on Lord Lucans policy I wonder? I always found John Stonehouse to be a much more entertaining case of a faked death, I mean what are the chances of faking your own death then being arrested on suspicion of being someone else who faked their own death? Hang on, on the entertaining side I forgot about John Darwin... Anyway, back to the point...

    Yes, so, some advance warning with a date will be given.

    Oh, and after many a request here is a photo of the wifi & bluetooth chips:

    Photo Via Comments

    On another note we are planing to set up a Developer Fund for Pandora software development.

    When ordering your Pandora you will be given the option to donate $20/10 to the Pandora development fund.

    This will give you access to a (voluntary) beta testing zone (where you can try software early) and the money donated will be used to reward Pandora software developers for their work.

    Developers of course don't have to use this system, but I think it is a good way of rewarding them all, no matter how they release their software it will qualify to be rewarded from the fund. The Pandora team will throw in several thousand dollars to start it off.

    Exophase summed up this idea in a nice way on the forum:

    "The way I'm seeing this (and craigix please correct me if I'm wrong), this isn't meant to just provide a way to reward developers of software that you like. Instead it's supposed to strengthen the software library on the Pandora as a whole, acting as a motivator for good software in general. Which is why it's being offered with the purchases of the Pandoras themselves."

    Well, back to work for us, we should be posting more videos in July.
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