The recent Brick inducing PSP/DS Software has claimed many victims, more DS than PSP, heres an article from the respected Kojote of PDRoms

just can't hold myself back but there are a few things which have to be said right now.

Recently the PSP and now the DS are affected by malicious programs, which are able to break your handhelds. The sense of this action is just right beyond my understanding and the understanding of most developers I know. People who are new to homebrew might be tricked to run a program, which will destroy their hard paid off system. Not everyone can afford a new one - and it's not clever to trick new people into running code which is really doing bad things. Many people will get a wrong opinion about homebrew software and this is what i don't want.

The PSP is affected in two ways:

There is a FAKE downgrader which ****s up your bios, the chance of getting it back to work is almost zero
Recently Symantec also figured out the first VIRUS for the PSP. It doesn't spread it self, but it ****s up the bios as well.

The NDS is affected in this way:

The DS bricker will overwrite some regions of the bios and it will be extremly hard to recover anything.

All that stuff might have been developed to show skills, but never forget there are kids who don't understand anything about it and they forward those things to their friends to fool them. More and more system will be bricked - Is this what we need? Things will spread over Bittorrent and E-Mule and reach hundrets of people - hundrets of people who are now in potential danger to brick their system.

Exactly such a behaviour shows companies as Sony that they are right with upgrading their firmware again and again, and finaly eleminate EVERY SINGLE EXPLOIT which is found. If there are no exploits left, you can't run any homebrew. This could be the dead of everything people were supporting for years.

Until further notice:

Homebrew over - at least for the next days.

I hope my words will ring a bell in some people head. A general warning to everyone who is new to homebrew, please only get things for a serious source and avoid warez, as playing commercial games for "free" might be a bigger target. You shouldn't play warez at all anyway.

Thanks for everyone who keeps on destroying the homebrew scene - Thanks for destroying the hard work of many people - Thanks for destroying the effort people used to get everything working.