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    Im new to this but im pretty good at following instructions so I downgraded my psp from 2.00 to 1.50 now I want to get a sega genesis emulator on it. I downloaded the new one that has sound that i saw on the first page of the forums, followed xuphorz instructions on the kxploit program, and I got a strange error message in spanish. However, i know some spanish so it says something about it put 2 folders on in my PSP/GAME directory, one called Genesis and one called Genesis% and it said that if there is another file i need to make the emulator run that i need to put it in the Genesis folder (the one without the %). So i played around wth putting files in that folder, then it seemed like i had gotten it to work because on my PSP there was no longer a corrupted data but there was a file called PSPgenesis with a little icon of a genesis controller so i thought it had worked, but then when i start it the PSP seems to restart and a message comes up saying "the game could not be started". Please help me, i don't know what I have done wrong. And I really want to get emulators on my psp cause it sounds so cool.

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    I know that DGEN emulator has you put the games in a ROM folder

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    That's not an error, that's what KXploit tells you when it finishes. The error message should be in english. You might have it still set to spanish (it is by default) try going to Idioma>English at the top of the program and it will turn to english. Second you probably just don't have all the files in the right place. Download the 1.5 version that wraggy had up here copy both folders to your GAME folder, add the roms in the right folder, and you should be good to go.

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    ya, sorry about that, i stil haven't updated myt guide

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    Thanks a lot guys. I figured it out. But I actually had it before but i didnt realize ur supposed to have corrupt data, whenever i saw that i assumed i had messed up but i guess not.

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