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Diablo III designer Jay Wilson has responded to fan made Diablo screenshots created in response to the game's art style.

Within days of the Diablo III reveal, fans were modifying released screenshots to express what their disappointment in the style of the game (see some examples here). Blizzard has since said that the art will remain unchanged.

In an effort to appease fans, Wilson has now explained why specific images would not work within the game.

Referring to a screen with an added light radius (see right), Wilson told MTV that "the key thing to remember here is that this has been Photoshopped. This isn't created by the engine.

"Though it looks really cool, it's almost impossible to do in a 3D engine because you can't have lighting that smart and run on systems that are reasonable. If we could do that, we probably would in a few of the dungeons."

Wilson also addressed the controversial rainbow shot. In the original Blizzard version, a rainbow can be seen in the distance.

"No, you're probably not going to see a ton of rainbows," he said. "But we don't think the one that's in there is that big a deal. You know it's like, it's a waterfall.

"We don't think it's that big a deal; we just think it adds a lot of interest to that scene. We don't have specific plans to fill 'Diablo' with rainbows. It's not like we restarted the project and were like 'Diablo III - now with rainbows!'"

Screens here