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Thread: I just asked nintendo if homebrew is illegal or not.

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    Default I just asked nintendo if homebrew is illegal or not.


    I guess that you might think I'm crazy. If you think this, I guess that you're pretty much right. I'm crazy because I'm tired of this uncertainty about DS homebrew legality, so I confessed to nintendo that I own an R4 but I only use it for homebrew. The message:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am very solemnly concerned about the legality of the homebrew issue. I, like others, purchased and continue to use my R4DS for the sole purpose of using pure homebrewed, non-nintendo made software. If this third-party software, even though some if it is protected by open-source copyrights, is illegal, I will gladly turn in my R4. However, many believe the software in question itself does no damage to nintendo, since it's original intention is to expand people's creativity and to enable the end-user to pursue their dreams of making DS games, when they probably won't be certified by nintendo to do it officially (or monetarily). I think that, if nintendo could make its own community-based homebrew software cartridge and catalogue, like the apple Itouch, this continued practice will be made obsilete, unless the end users would prefer more functionality.

    I humbly apologise if my actions were illegal. The fact of the matter is, although nintendo and the rest of the industry only addressed how illegal the emulators and pirating the R4DS uses, the vast ocean of pure homebrew communities are confused as to if the original intended purpose for the R4DS is illegal or not. I'm sure that if Nintendo publicly announced the legality of this pure third-party software, and take my suggestion into consideration, both the developers and the true nintendo fans can bring an end to this injustice.

    (insert name here)

    If for any reason I am screwed over, I will post information here. If in the odd chance this does happen, inform everyone you know.

    Thank you. Bye for now.

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    Since when was there any question regarding homebrew legality? I'm sorry my friend but the very existence of this website is a testament to the fact that homebrew is very legal, it is the other purposes of flash cartridges such as the R4DS that are illegal.

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    Nintendo will tell you it's illegal OR they don't care. Illegal or not, you're not buying their software.

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    Dude, it's a VIDEO GAME COMPANY. Of course they'll say it's illegal, whether good, bad or otherwise.
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