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Thread: PSPDOTmp4 Version 0.1

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    Default PSPDOTmp4 Version 0.1

    Download attached below

    PSPDOTmp4 is simply Video Encoder 2005

    Feature the fastest AVI to PSP compatible MP4 converter (Support PSP FW 1.00 onward)
    A 60 sec avi video only need 24 sec to complete encode (System: P4 2GHz or Athlon XP 2000+)

    Latest Version 0.1

    Version 0.1 Build at NOV 14 2005
    1: File select from any directory
    2: Save to any directory
    3: Bitrate option
    4: Screen size 320x240 or 368x208
    5: FPS option
    6: With THM output
    7: Output as MPEG-4 SP

    To do list:
    Add AVC support
    Add more option
    Add RMVB/RM Support

    Software Requirement:
    .Net Framework 2.00 (Must Install)
    Windows 2000/XP/2003/VISTA
    Windows 9x/ME (Not Tested)

    Hardware Requirement:
    Any CPU that can run Windows
    Any RAM size that can Windows

    Bug or comment to
    EMAIL: [email protected]
    Development By: Stephen
    And to test my C# programming skills

    Download attached below

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    Default PSPDOTmp4 0.2 Patch

    Version 0.2

    1: Now support Title edit

    You need the orignial Version 0.1 to use this patch 0.2

    Download attached patch to 0.2 below

    Any comment or bug please email to [email protected]

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