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Thread: Several Jap soft houses claim drop in sales

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    Default Several Jap soft houses claim drop in sales

    Several big name soft houses, Konami, capcom, and koei have all stated a severe curtailment in their soft sales on the PSP in Japan, kiki yamamoto of koei has stated that" The alarming drop in sales for the psp has made us wary of pushing the format here in japan, unless the situation gets better we may have to rethink our strategy in regards to the handeld market." No way, I cant believe it but I have it on good authoritar that sales have dropped across the board in japan and have levelled out in the states. WHAT THE FERK is going on SONY, I feel like Ive been hung out to dry here, anyone else feel the same, where are all the official games~?????? BASTARDS!!! I'm already a little bit peeved, especially with the news that the japanese market will be seeing severe price cuts, while we brits are being fleeced royally, anyway, come on guys, I didnt pay all that money to play 3 games, did you. THANK THE LORD FOR HOMEBREW!!!

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    The reasons are simple, really.

    1. A lot of crappy games being released


    2. Piracy

    Now, piracy on the PC for example, is not as big a deal as the market is huge compared to the PSP market. A lot of us have been saying that pirating games on the PSP will have an impact on the market. The pirates poo pooed that rationale. Well, it's happening, just as predicted. The PSP market is just too small to handle widespread piracy. That is why Sony is clamping down on homebrew. I don't think Sony is against homebrew itself, I think it's the UMD loaders that have their panties in a bunch.

    Now in the pirates defence, there are a lot of crap games out there for the PSP. Luckily we got a few great ones, but on the whole, the PSP games are mediocre at best.

    If they released a REAL MGS game on the PSP,for example, instead of a MGS card game, the sales would have been HUGE. But they slacked and made a card game.

    Rockstar worked their asses off and made a REAL GTA game for the PSP and sold a buttload. Hopefully enough to justify another GTA title for the PSP. We'll see...

    Unfortunately we saw this coming a while ago. I hoped we were being chicken little with the piracy, but it looks like we are reaping what we have sown. I just don't want to see too much whining on the boards about it...

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    Here in the U.S. from the time of the release of the PSP untill now the prices for Games has increased severely. At release you could get games for around $30, now new games start at $50. Prices for UMD Movies have also gone up $5-$10/Movie. So you can't tell me it's all just the piracy issue. Since I got my PSP I've probably spent close to $1,000 between the system, games, UMD movies, and accessories. I'm not spending another dime on crap games, or on games that are going to Force Firmware Upgrades and lock out Homebrew. If the PSP goes the way of Dreamcast so be it, but Sony will only have themselves to blame for it. They have overflooded the market with crap games and videos and now that there are finally some good games out like Lord Of The Rings/Star Wars Battlefront 2 they are charging almost twice the price for them. Instead of working with the homebrew community in trying to come up with a solution to the piracy that will keep everyone happy they are just trying to maintain control and in effect are alienating the very people like me that have been true supporters of their probuct.

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    Right Now Sony has version 2.50
    Hackers =O

    The newest games comming out will not work on the loaders or the version changers..

    Sony should be happy

    And they wonder while sales dropped in Japan

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