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Thread: Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Links - Submit Here

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    Default Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Links - Submit Here

    To help all users who visit our Sites we are asking for the DCEmu Public to help us gather as many links for each console and a little bit of info about the site in question.

    It Should start like this, for example heres our site that covers Apple Iphone/Ipod Touch

    Url =

    Description - DCEmus Site that covers all things Apple Iphone/Ipod Touch such as Emulators, Homebrew, Development, Hacking, Gaming and Hardware News with discussion forums too.

    Please add as many Apple Iphone/Ipod Touch sites to the list as you know

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    I might be missing the point of this thread completely but:

    Url =

    Description - the blogging site for the development of PwnageTool for Mac, as well as QuickPwn for Windows Machines (for both iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G)
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    Found this on myi to make the redsn0w tethered jailbreak easier

    URL =

    worked for me just dont switch ipod off completely just put it in standby or you will have to do it again
    hope this helps some people

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    i am so happy to be this great forum, and also an apple fan.
    i find a nice press about "Apple iPad is now supporting playing DVD" accidentally.

    i like to share it here if it is related to this topic.

    Url =

    Description - In mention of iPad, we all know that it is a tablet computer designed and marketed by Apple for Internet browsing, media consumption, gaming, and light content creation. Maybe, few people know that Apple iPad even can work with DVD.

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