Aerthel has updated his app for the DS:

Hello there! This is actually my first post here but i've been reading the wiki and this forum for quite a time (and i have to say, you have a very nice nds homebrew community here). Some years ago, I began a project called 'Project Sheratan' but it was meant to produce a Flash game. To make a long story short, I didn't have the skills to create good Flash content, so I began searching for another platform to program on. When I learned about this community through a friend, the idea came back again.

This Project (though is not the same as before, i'm keeping the name) aims to create a Card Battle engine for RPG games on Nintendo DS, mimicking the Baten Kaitos series's card system. If you haven't played such games (shame on you! ), there are some pretty good YouTube videos like this one to show how the system works. Basically, you have cards that control your characters movements and actions, and played in certain order will resultin flashing and devastating attack combos.

With this first post I present the first milestone of the project. Currently it's only a tech demo, but it demonstrates:
* 'Typewriting' text over background
* Managed MOD music (using MikMod)
* Hand & Deck classes manage logical data about cards
* handAnimator class performs animations (there is only one right now, the discard animation)

New Update! This new build (version 0.005) has the following new features

* Card are 3D Sprites now, allowing them to 'flip'
* The contextual help bar can be maximized/minimized by just selecting it with the stylus
* Deck now shuffles cards at start and every time you discard a card (so this time you get different almost always)
* At Hand Initialization, the cards flip in order, like they did in the game.
* When a card is discarded, the new card added to the hand from the right side is animated.
* New card added to show Numberless cards. This type of card won't be able to participate in a combo with the default set of card rules.

Also, I upgraded the project to use the recently new version of PAlib (v080823), I highly recommend it, it's very easy and has a lot of nice features. I think I'll test the new efs functions next =).

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