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Thread: Namco TV Games Plug and Play: Pac Man

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    Default Namco TV Games Plug and Play: Pac Man

    New Plug and Play item from <a href="" target="_blank" >SuccessHK</a>:

    <img src="">

    Itís a blast from the past with NAMCO TV Games! Pac-Man is just one of the five original arcade classics built right into the unit. Based on the classic video games found at arcades, bowling alleys and restaurants in the ?0s, Namco TV Games, includes great classic titles such as Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaxian, Rally-X, and Bosconian and are available now!

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    We've had this one in the US for quite a while now.
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    It's been out in the UK for some time too. I got one when I first subscribed to the now sadly departed Retro Gamer magazine, but to be honest it's not much good in my opinion.

    The joystick is cheap and only moves in 4 directions can only really be used by the left hand and the games are only fun for a short while. The Namco Arcade museum on DC is better. At least that includes Pole Position. I think with these sort of plug 'n' play devices you either need a few more games or just a collection of really good ones. The Street Fighter 2 one sounds much more appealing.

    It is quite good to revisit these old games but I find it difficult to spend too much time on them, regardless of how 'classic' they may be.

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