If you're hoping to hurtle headfirst into the next-generation of gaming when Xbox 360 launches tomorrow, having secured yourself one of Microsoft's super machines you'll undoubtedly want to grab some of the first wave of games touting 360's awesome power.

So, to help steer you away from the ports and the poor and guide you lovingly towards the ass-kicking next-gen gems, we've compiled this concise guide to the launch games. You can find the complete unabridged, unofficial, unbiased and unrivalled reviews in the latest issue of Xbox World 360, which is on sale now.

Amped 3
It's impossible to dislike Amped 3 - it has real character, is hugely ambitious in size and scope, there's plenty to keep you occupied and, even if it isn't all that immediate, it is accessible. It could have done with more time, but this is still the best Amped game yet and offers SSX real competition.
Xbox World 360 rating: 84%

Call of Duty 2
The shockingly powerful action of Call of Duty 2 never stops; despite the linearity, the shimmering illusion of war is never truly shattered as the game just doesn't let you relax for even the splittest of seconds. This is a spectacular next-gen showpiece and a must-own 360 gem.
Xbox World 360 rating: 90%

Condemned Criminal Origins
Condemned draws intelligently on such horror and thriller classics as Psycho, Seven and Silence of the Lambs and excels at creating a chilling atmosphere. Visually stunning, buttock-clenchingly tense and packed with in-your-face violence, this brutal thriller is guaranteed to have you gripped from start to finish.
Xbox World 360 rating: 89%

If Neversoft had concentrated on making this a real 360 title - rather than more or less a straight port from Xbox - by adding in real freedom and choice as well as visual splendour, then we'd be searching for superlatives to sum it up. Instead, the end result can only really be described as tepid.
Xbox World 360 rating: 73%

Kameo Elements of Power
A curious fantasy affair that by turns delights and frustrates, innovates and gets bogged down in genre cliches. A huge technical showcase for what Xbox 360 is capable of, Kameo is stunningly beautiful to look at and fun to play, but the adventure itself is short of greatness.
Xbox World 360 rating: 83%

King Kong
Running along a completely linear path following one of your mates - which is what a good deal of the game involves - is not actively playing a game. Not in our book anyway. An above average movie tie-in, King Kong is big on style, but low on substance and distressingly short on gameplay ideas.
Xbox World 360 rating: 72%

Need for Speed Most Wanted
Not as knuckle-blanchingly rapid or as visceral a racer as Burnout on old flavour Xbox, Most Wanted is an evolution rather than a revolution for the series. It's still an enormous amount of fun, however, and for our money the most comprehensive and polished Need for Speed yet.
Xbox World 360 rating: 81%

Perfect Dark Zero
Although it doesn't immediately rock the next-gen-o-meter, the more you play, the deeper you'll fall in love with Joanna Dark, her gorgeous guns and the superb level design. The fact that it looks the business too means that this feels like the return to form that Rare followers have been itching for.

You can find the complete Perfect Dark Zero review in the upcoming issue of Xbox World 360, which goes on sale 22 December.
Xbox World 360 rating: 85%

Project Gotham Racing 3
Exquisitely blending realism and mind-boggling physics with glorious arcade-style playability, PGR3 is gorgeous in every possible way and the best racer we've ever played. Not only does it live up to its considerable hype, it overtakes it. Bloody brilliant and essential Xbox 360 gaming. Buy it.
Xbox World 360 rating: 92%

Quake 4
Bloody - and bloodily - brilliant and rammed with set-pieces that are set to stun, you'll come away from Quake 4 feeling utterly entertained. However, if you want more for your fifty quid than a 10-hour queue of death-hungry Strogg, you'd best point your shotgun sights elsewhere.

You can find the complete Quake 4 review in the upcoming issue of Xbox World 360, which goes on sale 22 December.
Xbox World 360 rating: 78%

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
It looks beautiful, but that can't help disguise the fact that this is inferior to the Xbox version in all but graphics. Even if you are keen to play Tiger Woods on a next-gen console you should wait for the 2007 version, which is what the folks at EA should have done.
Xbox World 360 rating: 53%

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
You'll be crushed at the sight of it looking identical to the Xbox version and offering no additional content - and that pretty much seems to sum up the whole experience. The bottom line is that this is running desperately thin on ideas and brings too little that's new or involving.
Xbox World 360 rating: 75%