New for pocketpc:

This is my addempt to develop a finger-friendly sdk for windows mobile. It's written in C++ and based on WTL.
At this time, there are only two components:

1) Finger Scroll Support

with help from this article

i developed a WTL template to add support for scroll windows (only vertical, for now) with fingers, without scrollbar. In the attachment there are

- header file with template implementation (fngrscrl.h)
- demo program

the template works in portrait and landscape mode, should work also for VGA devices but i tested it only with ppc emulator.

2) Finger Tab Control
this tab control is inspired by touchflo 3d bottom bar control, it mimics horizontal scroll, cursor repositiong and so on, but should be optimized.

Into the attached zip there's full source code (compile with visual studio 2005 and WTL 8.0) and a demo program that uses either components. If you want to test only program without compile the project, remember to put on ppc all the png images into the same folder of the executable.

This is a video of the demo in action

I hope that my code will be useful for someone.
Give me your feedback to my work.