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Thread: Logitech PlayGear Amp Review

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    Thumbs up Logitech PlayGear Amp Review

    Ive had a exceedingly rough week (my Gran passed away on Monday) so reviewing the Logitech Playgear Amp was a much needed boost to my feelings and ill start off by saying the moment that Lik Sang started stocking these i was very impressed with the look of them but with everything in life the only time you really know if its any good is to try them yourself. Now my review isnt as long as i should have given it but to be fair i was that impressed that youll understand why.

    Read my Logitech Playgear Amp Review Here -->

    Massive thanks to Lik Sang for supporting this site and the PSP Scene.

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    I understand lik-sang is, afaik, your main sponsor but it would be nice if you were a little more objective with everything you review from lik-sang, I'm sure they wouldn't hold it against you if it were valid points.

    For example; these speakers, I have a pair, they produce next to no bass whatsoever, so if you plan on listening to any music/movies with bass, your sound suffers greatly. Forget listening to drum&bass, don't even try. They do play loud.

    Also the speakers look nice, but a little plastic grating or something in front of the speaker part to offer some protection would of been cool. cause its really easy to push them in by mistake/accident/kids/careless gf.

    It also would of been nice if the case they gave you with the speakers could fit the psp but you know logitech, they want you to buy their psp specific case. It really wouldn't of cost them much more to add room for the psp and Im sure people wouldnt of minded an extra 10$ or whatever so they wouldnt have to carry 2 cases around.

    Anyways, I ditched the "other" major pspnews site cause the owners were money hungry scammers so Im here to stay.

    Thanks for the great site,

    have a good day


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    I would agree, perhaps you should avoid reviewing products that just happen to be carried by the sponsors of your website. It makes you look bad and only helps to compromise the integrity of your website.

    And well we're on the subject, I've noticed an increase in the number of active pop-up ad elements. They are beginning to get distracting. I've seen other websites ruin themselves through heavy handed attempts to cash in. It's best to keep in mind that niche websites like this work best when run as a hobby and not a source of income. People who have attempted to make money off niche sites in the past usually find in the end that ads have driven off all of their readers, getting them neither wealth nor a fan base. As long as you run a solid website, the crowds you draw will be more then enough to make up for the lack of more profitable, but intrusive ads.

    If you really want to improve traffic, you might want to consider an easier Domain name. I've tried to tell friends and acquaintances about your website, but "" is just too much. What about a name change to something simpler?

    I personally appreciate your site and come here several times a day to keep up on all of the latest info on my favorite gaming system. I hope to continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

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