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Thread: Review and compare on PSP to TV Adapters

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    Default Review and compare on PSP to TV Adapters

    Following on from Lik Sangs PSP TV Compare article, SuccessHK have done the same:

    We receive all the PSP to TV adapters and do the setup to test the products immediately. The following is the comparison between the three PSP to TV adapters which include PSPonTV Adapter Kit, Blaze PSP TV Adaptor, and PSP2TV Adapter.

    For the function, all the PSP to TV adapters display the screen of PSP console to TV. Only PSP2TV Adapter supports Dual Shock 2 controller.

    For the outlook, the designs of Blaze PSP TV Adaptor and PSPonTV Adapter are similar. However, PSPonTV Adaptor feels bulky with its huge height. Blaze PSP TV Adaptor looks stylish in comparison.

    For the installation, PSP2TV Adaptor Kit is as easy as Blaze PSP TV Adaptor and both do not have to void the warranty. The designs are similar; both are using original PSP power adaptor, AV cable, etc. However, it is using screws instead of hocks to hold its position and offer a headphones pass-through port. Installation of PSP2TV Adapter requires much more skill and takes about 30 to 60 minutes. Also it voids the warranty.

    For the quality, there are no significant differences between the three adapters. By comparing the screen output, we are amazed that the quality of PSPonTV Adapter Kit which is using CCD camera and Blaze PSP TV Adapter which is using CMOS camera looks the same. The only difference is that, screen using Blaze PSP TV Adaptor is a little brighter. Is PSPonTV Adapter really using CCD camera? We doubt it.

    For the price, PSPonTV is set cheaper than PSP2TV Adapter Kit (US$119.90), but still far more expensive than Blaze PSP TV Adaptor.

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    Now I know what in "Blaze's" name I have to get. Thanx for the up.

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