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Thread: White Euro PSP Chatter Bottomed

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    Default White Euro PSP Chatter Bottomed

    Source: Spong

    We have been picking up on chatter that comes from the blogging community, much of which cites 'retail sources' they are close to, that the Ceramic White PSP is heading to Europe, in time for Easter.

    Thing is, there's loads of different blogs all running sub-identical pieces, all failing to reference each other in something of a farcical game of blind man's bluff. Either way, from what we can gather, the 'retail source' appears to be a shop assistant in a game shop. We'd also like to ask any of the blogs claiming to have this news nailed down as fact to get in touch, especially if they are the original source of the chatter.

    Anyway, we contacted a senior buyer at a major European retailer today to find out what's going on. “Right now, SCEE sales hasn't been briefed to begin pushing white units,” we were told. “It has been mentioned, as there's been a certain level of interest at store level from consumers about the possibility of seeing the white machine and essentially, it will go on sale at some point, though nothing is official, so to speak. There's certainly no orders being placed for white PSPs.”

    So when will we know? All the sites currently ripping each other off, claiming retail 'insiders' have given them the scoop, say Easter... “We have no idea. What is likely to happen and as is common at Sony is that there will be an announcement to press, then sales will tell us and we'll start getting them in. Easter sounds a good time, though anything claiming this is a concrete date is simply not true.”

    For the uninitiated, the Ceramic White PSP is a PSP in white. The name of the white Sony has used is dubbed Ceramic. We believe this is to differentiate is from other types of white. It comes in a whiter box and ships with some white accessories. And is white. Expect an announcement about its European debut at some point early/mid-2006.

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    haha, now the headphones will MATCH. don't know what they were thinking putting the BLACK ones out with WHITE accessories. maybe they'll continue their stupidity and put the ceramic white out with BLACK accessories, and then people can just swap. <_<

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