Divineo China have posted this news:

The new version of the Ghost 2, named Ghost 2 Version 2, is coming in a few days. We are now taking preorders and we are looking forward to what seems another improvement of this already ultra-performant modchip!

Heres the info:

The Ghost 2 (follow up to the Messiah 2) is compatible with all existing Playstation 2 and PSTwo (slimline), from all regions. The main advantage of G.2 Mod like his ancestors is its reliability - it's not sensitive to power supply, location, length of wires, etc.. No Ground Bounce and such proof of lacking electronics skills.

- Media autodetect powered.
- Easy Autoboot, simply put any CD/CDR/DVDR/DVDR/IMPORT/MOVIE/PS1/PS2, and it will boot straight away.
- There is simply NO LIMIT SO HIGH than those defined by this device.
- DVD region Free with RCE support.
- Watch all region DVD movies on your PS2.
- Colour Fix
- Screen Fix
- Green screen removed for Playback of DVD Movies.
- MacroVision Remover
- DivX and MP3 Mediaplayer compatibility.
- Action Replay and Action Replay MAX compatible.
- PSX LOGO position and PSX game screen position are PERFECT and FIXED.
- HDD (Hard Disc) ATAD patching Support (original HDD or any computer HDD with unlimited size).
- Disc swapping supported for CD/R media and DVD/R media.
- DVDR booting is very fast and reliable with 100% success.
- Unrivalled boot success rate The boot rate of G.2 is on 100%.
- - Rewritten VHDL code featuring v0 to v15 PAL/JAP/US compatibility. Number of wires varies between 17 and 19 depending on version and region.

Preorder yours from Divineo China