"Unlike Apple or RIM, which design both their phones and operating system, Microsoft (MSFT) has been taking a different approach for several years -- focusing on the OS and letting partners figure out what the gadget will do and where it'll sell. This is sort of what Google's doing with Android and its Open Handset Alliance. Despite having its own gadget design teams -- which make the Zune and Xbox -- Microsoft has 'no plans to build our own phone,' says Scott Rockfeld, group product manager for Windows Mobile. 'Right now we're happy to share the limelight,' he adds."

Well to be honest, this is pretty unsurprising news. I know in the past I have been a huge supporter of Microsoft building their own Windows Mobile device so they would not have to worry about their partners cutting corners and releasing unattractive and hard to use devices that can hurt their brand. Recently however with Steve Ballmer’s internal memo that was floating which stated that Microsoft would "work with hardware vendors to ensure that we can provide complete experiences with absolutely no compromises," I am more faithful that we will see more fun and stable devices in the future. Here’s hoping we hear something tangible about these new devices soon, I'm getting antsy.