News/release from Caux

Considering that everyone complains that xtreamlua and death as whole scene psp elsewhere (it's true that there is no crowd of homebrew at the moment, but the lack of competition)

Here is my new homebrew written in only 18 days.

BigCorp PSP.

BigCorp psp is the adaptation of the famous game of the Voice of the north.
As every year La Voix du Nord offers to find 3 items hidden among 6 offered in a drawing for 49 days from September to December to save you a house.

The PSP version offers 50 enigmes, the full 2007 season.

The rule of BigCorp PSP, is different in the sense that you have to find the 3 items by clicking on the image.

Written in C, in 18 Days.
Games in French, English, German, Spanish; automatic choice of language.
5O riddles, 150 objects to find.

Download Here and Give feedback Via Comments