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Thread: PC Homebrew Emulation and Gaming Links - Submit Links Here

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    IRC Chat PC Homebrew Emulation and Gaming Links - Submit Links Here

    To help all users who visit our Sites we are asking for the DCEmu Public to help us gather as many links for each console and a little bit of info about the site in question.

    It Should start like this, for example heres our site that covers PC Homebrew Emulation and Gaming

    Url =

    Description - DCEmus Site that covers all things PC such as Emulators, Homebrew, Development, Hacking, Gaming and Hardware News with discussion forums too.

    Please add as many PC Homebrew Emulation and Gaming sites to the list as you know

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    My Team and I just released a demo. Not able to post anywhere else for some reason (not permitted?). Please check it out and let me know what you guys think.

    Downlaod Here: (PC)

    Two Player game I demo solo.

    Collect trash faster than your opponent and do your best to slow them down. (Player 1 Controls: wasd to move, z,x,c for weapons, space for tractor. P2 Controls: arrow keys to move, NumPad0 for tractor beam, Numpad1,4,7 for weapons)

    *In game music (after first score) get pulled from your Windows Media Player library.

    TrashBash is an original game designed and produced by Westwood On-Line IGDA Game Club team, Quirkface Games.

    Programming in XNA by Zachary Way and Ashlea Dugan
    Game Art (Concept to Completion) - Tyler Burks
    Special Effects graphics and animations - Leonard (LJRivera) Rivera
    Design Team: Zachary Way, Tyler Burks, Leonard Rivera, Ryan Goddard, Ashlea Dugan, Walter Moser.

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