Tonight i finally got a chance to review the GP2X for those that dont know its the successor to the very successful GP32 (which has a great emu/homebrew scene), the console has dual 200mhz cpus, 64 Megs ram and a whole host of features and being Open Source and Linux Based it appeals to masses of developers. Heres my review (shortish but straight to the point) of the console.

Heres an excerpt:

"Well first a tried a normal avi file and it wasnt supported, but in future i should read whats supported :P, next i tried a xvid of the latest Harry Potter film and the fact that i didnt have to encode was excellent, and the playback for me was perfect, infact on that point alone i was sold, the picture and sound quality were spot on, the list of features like fast forward etc were there as you would expect

Games and Emulators

This is the big area and if you look at any of the decent GP2X Sites youll see that theres been a mass of great game ports and emulators released for the GP2X, the buttons felt right and the joystick too, i can honestly say that the GP2X was spot on although at 3am i couldnt turn the sound down in a Tetris game i was playing but that was more than likely the game not having the controls coded in."

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