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Thread: Irshell Wont Load Iso Or Cso Games

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    Default Irshell Wont Load Iso Or Cso Games

    i tried to load cso and iso games with irshell 3.9 but it just returns to xmb when i press launch iso.

    when i try it with the 1.5 version of irshell 3.9 it plays my umd instead of my iso/cso.

    and if i try taking the umd out that wont work because it always asks for the umd when launching a game.

    by the way i'm running psp version 3.90 m33 -2 (i downgraded from 4.01 m33 to make irshell work).
    with irshell 3.9

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    you should know better than this..

    Read the Rules..


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