via IGN

BattleGoat Studios and Paradox Interactive are pleased to announce the release today of a downloadable update and patch for the strategy title Supreme Ruler 2020 which introduces many changes, refinements, and new content to improve this already outstanding game.

"Once again we've made sure to incorporate many of the great new ideas that our players have suggested on our forum," commented Lead Designer David Thompson.

"The constructive feedback we continue to get on the game is fantastic, and it helps us to continue to evolve this title."

Access to the patch could not be simpler, with players simply clicking on the 'Check for Updates' button via the game's program group.

Features of this Update/Patch include:
  • A new Scenario, "Saudi Invasion": The Saudi Royal Family has been overthrown, and the U.S. must act quickly to prevent the new militant regime from gaining a foothold in the Middle East and disrupting oil supplies worldwide.
  • New 'Provocation' reporting in the scorecard to better assess threats from other regions
  • Multiplayer additions and enhancements including new chat features and enhanced stability
  • New Units and New Technologies added
  • New Spy Espionage Missions to enable stealing technologies and designs
  • AI improvements based on player feedback
  • User interface enhancements
  • Various game play fixes and improvements