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Thread: Beat the Casion, BlackJack [UPDATE]

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    psp Beat the Casion, BlackJack [UPDATE]

    From the last release I've updated all the graphics (including EBOOT), fixed a few bugs and made menu navigation alot better.

    What is this?
    This is a BlackJack game with a bit of a twist, like in blackjack you can hit, stand, double down and split. However this aims to help you beat the casino by helping the practice of card counting and basic strategy Whistling.

    To help with the basic card counting there is a page that you can flip through a deck of cards and try to keep count, you can check to see if your count is good at any time and your also timed so you know when you've improved.

    There's also the three basic strategy tables that can be viewed, these show you how each hand should be played but with the knowledge of the card count, which is also kept on the game you play, you can determin your percentages of winning more.

    Then there's the actual game this is just how it could be played in a casino, there's five decks, dealer stands on 17, you can hit, stand, double down and split, five card trick counts, you have a wallet and can change your bet. But as this is to practice you can check on the running count, the true count and the basic strategy tables. A good idea for practice is laid out in counting101 (bottom link).

    For more information on card counting and basic strategy look at these links:

    Wiki Page on Blackjack:

    How Stuff Works page:

    Very good article on beating the casino (counting101):

    Enjoy KOR :thumbup:
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    Hey KOR,
    I have converted for awesome game of blackjack over to LPHMv2.
    And i was asking if you wanted it, and if i could post the converted one on my site? and the Qj form?


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    it'd be great if you could elaborate.

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