via Kotaku

One of the major criticisms of Funcom's Age of Conan when the MMORPG first launched was a considerable lack of high-end content. Now the developer addresses that issue directly with the release of the largest gameplay content addition since the game went live. The update introduces a huge new outdoor area, Ymir's Pass, that promises loads of new quests, new characters, new enemies, and a new storyline to follow along with. Also going live with the update is new dungeon The Amphitheater, that's supposed to hold "the most epic and memorable monster encounters ever created for the game."

"This is an important update that opens up a lot of new gameplay content for players who have already passed the level fifty mark," says Game Director Craig Morrison. "In the months ahead we will introduce even more new content, and coming up soon are two exciting new high-level dungeons intended for players who have reached the maximum level. At this stage adding more content and keeping people entertained is very important to us!"

See! They want to make it all better again! Hit the jump for screens from the new update, now live on all servers.

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