CraigIx posted this:

Hello everyone,

Sorry I've not been as active on the forums as usual in the last week - it's been a lot of real world things and I'm actually sleeping normal hours these days so I can't hang out here for a few hours at night at the moment (I'm sure that will change back to normal soon though!).

Essentially as you know there is a lot going on, we had to change banks when our old one just decided they didn't want us any more, we took too much money too fast and in the 'current climate' they didn't want this kind of account. Yes it is as bizarre as it sounds.

We are having to deal with it - it's not a good idea to try to fight a bank.

At the same time production had to be organised, more software development, the case moulds, sourcing parts.

As you also know the LCD supplier let us down by not delivering the full amount at once but they are coming.

These are the frustrating parts of setting up production of a new system. But as we have always said we won't cut corners to bring this to you faster at a lower quality, let me give you an example:

We can get those LCDs from another supplier but they throw in 'used' or 'second grade' LCDs - we won't deal with them, we will only get them from the best source even if we have to wait a little longer.

We think this will make you overall happy in the long term along with the extra RAM and NAND.

So please try to stay relaxed we have devoted the last 2 years to this project so we want to make sure it is as good as possible.

Chip is going to take over more of the day to day forum Q&A to give us more time on the project.

That's it for now, hope to have some tasty photos of the Pandora with its controls in soon.