News/release from Mickael2054

Here is already version 1.2 of PSPNotes with some additions / changes interesting!

And here is the list of additions / changes:

Adding USB mode (select from the menu) (you'll soon understand why)

Interface magazine (a big change in "the preliminary menu and a small menu and credits)

More ratings available in both the menu

If you leave the keyboard without having written any note is created (before there was one with the name "virgin")

The extensions are no longer displayed in the menu (the. Txt)

The different way of reading a note were reviewed (up to 35 characters: 1 line, up to 70 characters: 2 lines, up to 100 characters: 3 lines and more than 100 characters: display in a message system !

Additions sounds in the menu

Pseudo top, above the title (and more bugs with long nicks)

Displaying the battery in other functions and correction display

Fixed a bug mini and additions in the credits

Fixed spelling mistake

Improved code (and pictures)

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