via Slashphone

Scalado is presenting its new Scalado Camera Solution, which will improves JPEG image handling performance by effectively managing the large files produced by high-resolution images, enables zero-shutter lag, burst capturing and instant zoom/pan in the camera.

“Thanks to the new technology, manufacturers can now offer real-time viewing and capturing of high-resolution images, totally eliminating shutter lag. As a result, camera phone users can finally take memorable photos instead of missing the moment.”, says Sami Niemi CTO of Scalado.

With Scalado’s new ‘zero shutter lag’ feature, however, users can be sure that the image which they see in the viewfinder is the image that they capture. Users can then instantly zoom into the resulting JPEG images to review the details of the image in real-time.

The Scalado Camera Solution is based on two products: The SpeedTags IP and The Scalado Camera Engine. The SpeedTags IP is a minimal modification to the HW JPEG encoder that enables the encoder to produce modified JPEG images, referred to as SpeedTagged JPEGs. Several camera sensors and camera modules for camera phones are already embedding the SpeedTags IP, such as sensors from both Aptina, OmniVision Samsung and MtekVision.