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Thread: FBA4PSP_Beta preV12_DEMO5 - Multisystem emulator for PSP

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    psp FBA4PSP_Beta preV12_DEMO5 - Multisystem emulator for PSP

    FBA4PSP is an emulator for PGM, Cave, CPS, Seta, Sega, Konami, etc on PSP. It emulates MC68000/Z80 based arcade games. OopsWare ported FinalBurn Alpha to PSP. Thanks to his good work.

    V12版本的雏形,主要就是增加联机功能。还有很多地方有待完善。喜欢尝鲜的朋友可以试一下,顺便帮忙测试 一下Bug. A prototype of V12.Wifi game connection is added. It is not a formal release. If you find any bug, please reply to me. 1.打开无线网卡开关,Wifi Game一台选择Host, 其他选择Client。不同主机最好选择不同的Controller。也可以选择P2p模式,比较慢,而且 可能会有不同步现象。好处是所有屏幕都有显示了。 1. Switch on wifi, One PSP choose host and others choose client in Wifi Game menu. You should also change your controller as well. There is no screen displayed on client PSP. P2P mode could work and all psps have display. But speed is very slow and may asynchronies. 2.每个机选择同一个游戏进入。如果是p2p模式半路进入的可以选择Reset一次以同步游戏。正式版本中 可能会考虑同步内存,不需要Reset整个游戏。 Every PSP choose the same game. If you are using p2p mode, please reset the game once to synchronies all psps. I am thinking about add ram copy in V12 formal release to avoid reset the game. 3.暂时只支持2台PSP联机,多台联机功能在后续版本提供。 This version can only support 2 PSPs. Later version will support 4 PSPs.

    changes: Wifi Game is added.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    can we play shinobi or golden axe with this?

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    I couldn't get any of the Seta 1 games to work but i got Puzzle De Bowling to work so i think Seta support actually means Seta 2 support which is a more modern arcade hardware but with alot more uninteresting games than Seta 1.

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    i am not to familiar with the format ....
    will this emulateur play like MAME(phat only) type of games?

    that would be cool if i could play them on my slim

    i will give it a try(if i remember some did work...not sure)

    edit: demo 7 as been realeased.... and yes it plays mame type games (some)

    i actually found quite a few that worked really well and full speed(+ -)....

    good to have an other good emulater...for my slim

    thanks you
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