News from Evil Dragon:

Hi folks!

The last weeks have been crazy. There's so much we learnt: Worldwide Financial crisis' are not good - banks go crazy, which lead to the huge 'refund and repay'-issue (which is still going on...). It's also not good for all the part manufactures - as they tend to become very cautious which leads to delays. And state-of-the-art products are complicated to produce (the mass production companies are still optimizing to be able to produce the Pandora without having too many broken boards!)
Yep, we learnt a lot and it is already much we achieved. But there's still some things to do.

You've all been waiting for a status update, eh? Well, here it comes:

1. Almost ALL drivers have been finished and work fine so far!
2. 20 MK2 devboards have been produced and have been sent out to some devs!
3. PXML Fileformat definition is finished.
4. Prototype keypad and case have been ordered (nope, we don't know yet exactly when they're finished)
5. Chip from the boards is now officially helping us with tiny news and informations. Thanks a bunch and welcome to the team!

So, as you might've guessed, we can't deliver the final units end of November. It might even take until 2009 - but we won't say any date yet. With all those delays the various manufacturers had, it's nigh impossible to give out a date. But we're really working hard to make it as soon as possible! Promised!
We're really sorry about that - but because of that financial crise, everything in the world seems to have gone crazy (heck, even my Pandora-Poloshirts have been delayed for over a week already!). Without that, we had a very good chance to finish in-time - but that crisis was something we didn't expect. Nobody did, I guess. We also like to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for supporting us! We won't let you down - and this is another promise!

Now, to show you guys we've been working on some stuff:
The most recent kernel source can be downloaded using our GIT server:
Use the pandora-27-omap1 branch for the moment, there will soon be a 2.6.28.

Get the latest definition of the PXML format here.

Oh, and if you need a subdomain, webspace or GIT Server for any Pandora-Project, be sure to send me (EvilDragon) an eMail ( We will host it for free!

Now, back to work for me... and sorry again about any delays. I know how you feel... I had to wait for my PSP, eeePC, mobile phone... hmm. Is there ANY device today that is being released the day it has been announced for? Hmmm...