via Gizmodo UK

They may be sleek and pretty as a picture but the latest Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops have been hit by a series of mysterious graphics-related issues.

The company has said that it is now investigating two separate graphics-related problems that are affecting its new MacBook line-up. The first one, ominously dubbed 'the black screen of death' by victims, occurs on MacBook Pros when users are playing games. Screens go black, the laptop freezes and the audio goes in infinite loop playback.

The problem affects models running Windows or Mac OS X while playing games like Call of Duty 4, World of Warcraft, Ages of Empire III, Command and Conquer, Oblivion, Company of Heroes, among others.

The second issue, which is affecting some MacBooks and MacBook Pros, manifests as wavy video distortions while scrolling Web pages and watching HD content. The issue does not occur on Windows based Macs and it thought to be an issue with nVidia's Mac drivers.

Anyone out there having these issues, let us know