A longtime writer for "Hardcore Gamer" site FiringSquad (who proclaims that he's not a Nintendo fan) has produced a three-page article explaining why he appreciates the Revolution controller that he's ridiculed for so long, and why he now expects great things from the system in the next-generation console race.

Dissatisfied with stagnation in the FPS, RTS, RPG, and sports genres over the past few years, the author feels that the Big N is ideally suited to take advantage of the arms race between the PS3 and Xbox 360 due to its low price, low development costs, a sexy indie image, and, most importantly, its radical new controller.

In conclusion he writes: "Nintendo is poised for a coup. As someone who not so long ago was dismissive of what the company can accomplish, I today firmly believe that they’re capable of taking the #1 position from Sony." Sounds like a convert, all right (or, at the very least, a shrewd observer who's willing to hedge his next-gen bets).

This post doesn't present much new to people who've kept up with the console landscape lately, but it does present a strong argument for other Nintendo "haters" to reconsider their stance on the Revolution and its potential impact in the near future.