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Thread: More Details and Screens of the New Sega Licensed TV Systems

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    We already told you that there was going to be new Licensed by Sega TV Game System and a New handheld that will play those games too although the full details were a little vague, well Mike of Asian Toy Source gave me some more details:

    It is Sega after all...and great games are available. 7 Sonic games, 5 Alex Kidd games, 2 Phantasy Star games, and a whole lot of others! Total are 48 games available up for license right now, and there will be 10-in-1 and 20-in-1 systems only, so several consoles to be had. As you can see, our designs are quite attractive, and we're allowing distributors to have their own console systems designed which takes about 45 days for the mould toolings to be done. Should be available to market in April, and we're actively seeking distributors world wide right now.

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    It's Master System / Game Gear. 8 bit Sega is pretty sweet, but I'd really be a lot more interested if these were Genesis / Megadrive based.

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