from Richard42
Mupen64Plus v1.5 is ready!
It has been just over half a year since the last major Mupen64Plus release, so it's been a long time coming, but I'm happy to present version 1.5! This release is more evolutionary than revolutionary, with many code cleanups and improvements to existing features. Please try it out and report any problems that you have on our Google Code Issue Tracker.

Major New Features

* Rom Cache System by Tillin9, Okaygo, and Hasone.
* Qt4 GUI by slougi, Tillin9, and others
* Support for Macintosh OSX platform with Intel CPUs

Minor New Features

* Debugger improvements
* QT GUI: translations for English, Norwegian, German, and Dutch
* Configurable key commands for special emulator functions
* Our own custom test ROM, courtesy of Marshallh
* jttl_audio: added GTK GUI configuration dialog
* soft reset function (hit F9)
* jttl_audio: both SDL-based and OSS-based volume control methods are now supported
* LZMA, BZip2, 7-zip archive support
* Multi-file Zip support
* GTK GUI: user-configurable columns in ROM browser
* LIRC - added support for speedup, slowdown, pause, and frame advance

Bug fixes

* There are dozen of bugfixes included, fixing problems with: save states, certain games, crashing bugs, GUI bugs, performance issues, and visual artifacts.

Mupen64Plus has a Home Page over at Google Code, with lots of useful information, screenshots, a bug tracker, a discussion forum, etc.

To download Mupen64Plus v1.5, just grab the package that you want:


The MD5 sums for these packages are:

473d51a5e42dc61d6a643f90bf28dabc Mupen64Plus-1-5-bin-32.tar.gz
477ce6e34de1cf1c0025867e0af85410 Mupen64Plus-1-5-bin-64.tar.gz
c224b045d343ff02f6f933d328861b01 Mupen64Plus-1-5-src.tar.gz