Divineo USA have posted news that the M3 Adapter SD version with Passkey2 is now in stock, heres the info about the product:

M3 Adapter is made for those who want to download freeware games, movies and music from a PC to a GBA(SP) and/or Nintendo DS. You can use your PC and normal Compact Flash Card Reader to transfer and convert you movie & music files to the Compact Flash Cards. Then, insert M3 Adapter with CF/SD Card into GBA(SP) or Nintendo DS, and the files will be available after boot up of the console.

Its features are just the same as any other MP3 Player on the market but also playing games and movies instead of playing music only.

One of the coolest features of an M3 Adapter is that you can directly run third party software on it that includes emulators of the video game system.

Compatible with all GBA games without any patching required and without any problem during gameplay. NDS games require patching.

Excellent Save compatibility. It support all saves types with the RTC function.

Capacity is very flexible and only depends on the card you use, which now are up to 4GBypte (32Gbit) on the market.

GOLDEN FINGER (CHEAT Code ) employs the IPS system that prevails in the world, with more diverse and powerful distinctive functions than CHT. The unique Auto IPS feature completely prevents computer crash.

With unique Super Real Time Save Function, easily operates and it can revive without limits.

CF/SD card +Reader can be used as a U disk and it only needs drag here and there when the game is burning.

Saves money: CF/SD card can also be used in digital camera and other products, and you can share your card as you need it without the need to buy a dedicated card for your NDS/GBA.

Supports GBA Games, FC games, Emulator games, GBA Movies, E-book, Cartoon books, browse pictures, enjoy music and so on.

Supports 4-key reboot to Rom menu function, and supports 4-key reboot beginning function.

Very safe for your CF/SD card.