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Moscas user of our forum, issue a new update of its Goblins PSP, utilty multifunction PC, which comes as the version
This new release fixes a bug in the previous v1.4.0.0 that prevented the start of the program after installation.
Here you will find the complete changelog also features added in version

Changelog v1.4.0.0 - v1.4.1.0:


Changelog v1.4.0.0:
- A program available in Italian and English
- Function install / upgrade CF (the list of downloads can be downloaded separately due to the function of the program which then will bring you back to the pages download
- Added Yacc (the compression / decompression of image files (ISO / CSO)
- Added UMDgen (program to change the data of image files in order to reduce the size account of)
- Possibility to send e-mail to report to report any bugs or suggestions (a service is offered free assistance to the program, use the appropriate functions to create an e-mail and automatically transfer it to the default program for e - mail)

Changelog v1.4.1.0
-Fixed the bug that was after installation and that prevented the implementation of the program

Moscas settimalmente to check if there are updates to the program, using the search function updates.

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