News from the official Site [br][br] we have now started work on the next major release of ScummVM. 0.7.0 is (rather aggressively) scheduled for Christmas 2004! We hope to be able to deliver a nice christmas present to you this way. But for this to work out, we need your help: We need people who actively test the latest CVS so that we can iron out and fix all remaining issues with it, to ensure a high quality release. [br][br]If you want to help, check out the release status page for a list of games which need testing. [br][br]That's it for today, hopefully the next time around we can announce something more substantial (like a new release or a new website). Until then: happy play testing to all of you! [br][br]P.S.: Maybe you also have been wondering Gee, will these guys ever reach 1.0? As a matter of fact, we are now working towards this goal. There is basically a single major piece missing for that: a good user manual. If you are a skilled manual writer, have some spare time, and want to help, drop us a mail on the scummvm-devel mailing list.