As you will have seen in the last couple of days we are nearing the end of the beginning, the videos are out there with more to come.

So in order to get things moving along to mass production we have to put an end date on reorders and also allow people to take up the empty order places.

Please try to get your REorders in within the next 7 days, don't worry if they don't arrive for a little after that - we will be flexible.

New orders, if you want to order a Pandora (or two) from the first batch you can now place a new order via:

Bank Transfer (tranzfers, xoom, via your bank)
Money Order (free from your bank but you will have to post us it)

The price of a Pandora is $330, please email us to arrange (we need to calculate your shipping method).

[email protected] or call +44 191 243 2253

You can also contact Evildragon in Germany if that is more convenient / closer for you, or Fatih in Turkey if you are in the Middle east. (I'll update this part when I confirm the right email addresses).

We are trying very hard to get s US$ account set up - we might have the details this week for this. I hope this will help more people to order. We can talk about this if you email or phone us.

You cannot use a credit card.

New orders will be taken for about another two to three weeks (or of course until we run out of places, whichever happens first). During that time we will be moving forward to production.

I'll update this post with any changes or question answers.

Go on, tell me what I've forgotten to mention.