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Thread: GOOZEX Launches North American Best Online Video Game Trading Service in Europe

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    Home/News GOOZEX Launches North American Best Online Video Game Trading Service in Europe

    Rome, Italy. – Goozex, Inc., the leading online video game trading community in North America, announced today the company’s launch of its service for 28 European nations. Goozex is an online market place that matches members to trade games for Goozex Points, a virtual currency, which they can use to get other games for only €1. Video game players across Europe can now enjoy the benefits of saving money, accessing a large library of game titles, and joining for free a vibrant online community of gamers. service will begin immediately on February 2, 2009.

    Goozex EU
    Goozex EU will launch the game trading service in 28 European countries: all EU‐27 countries and Switzerland. Please refer to for a complete list of countries.

    The online service was started in 2006 in the United States with a mission to let gamers get the best trade values for their used video games and save money to get other games they want to play. Goozex has revolutionized the way games are exchanged online with an automatic trading system. Members list the games they have available to send and those they wish to receive, and Goozex finds the best match for their offers and requests. Each game is pre‐assigned a value in Goozex Points, to make trading games easy and effortless on Goozex.

    Games are assigned a point value based on several factors including supply and demand, and users earn points when trading their games with other users. Points can then be redeemed for other video games. The system offers its users a fair market value for their games and guarantees all trades. In the US, Goozex calculates that on average, members can save $16.50 (€12.52) per game trade as compared to traditional used game retail stores. Joining Goozex is free and each transaction is only €1. Games for thirteen major platforms are available for trading including the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and Windows PC.

    All services found on (North America) will be available for Goozex EU including the following:
    • Video game trading
    • 100% guarantee on all trades
    • Forum community
    • Connect to Play feature for all games
    • Gamer Profile Flash Application (use on MySpace, Facebook, iGoogle and other social media networks)
    • Goozex Gamer Signature
    • Open API (for independent developers)
    • Gift Cards
    • eCards
    "Since Goozex started in the US, gamers from throughout Europe have been demanding we bring the best‐in‐class video game trading service here to Europe," said Daniele Bottiglieri, Goozex Europe CEO. Daniele continued, "We are very excited about launching the site in 28 countries and our promise to European members is that you will find the best value for your video games, save money, and have a great online experience on"

    The European website will be open to the public on February 2, 2009.

    About Goozex, Inc.
    Goozex, Inc. is an award winning and best in class rated peer‐to‐multi‐peer trading company headquartered in College Park, Maryland. Launched in July 2006, has been rated best in class by Forbes (Jan. 6, 2009), Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM #223) and GamesRadar (Dec. 25, 2007). Goozex is the leading video game trading service based on an automated point system.

    About Goozex Europe, S.r.l.
    Goozex Europe is a Goozex, Inc. partner company located in Rome, Italy. It manages the innovative Goozex services in the European market, and makes it available to gamers in 28 European countries.

    Goozex, your game trading community TM. Please visit our website at
    SIGN UP today and enter code DCEmu-UK to receive 1 TRADE immediately and additional 100 points upon completing first trade.
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