Heres some news thanks to Erwan of DC France about the ScummVM update from the CVS page, heres the news:[br][br] For a more comprehensive changelog for the latest experimental CVS code, see: [br] [br] [br]0.?? [br] New Games: [br] - Added SAGA engine (for the games and "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" [br] and "Inherit the Earth") [br] [br] General: [br] - Added support for FLAC (losless) encoded audio files [br] - Added an 'On Screen Display' to the SDL backend [br] - Partially rewrote the backend API [br] - Comments in config files are preserved now [br] - Updated AdvMame scalers based on scale2x 2.0 - AdvMame3x looks nicer now, [br] and AdvMame2x is MMX accelerated [br] - Added MMX i386 assembler versions of the HQ2x and HQ3x scalers [br] - New 'Extra Path' option allows for a searching an additional datafile [br] location (for reencoded cutscenes and the like) [br] - Alt-x and Ctrl-z quit keys disabled in favour of Ctrl-q on unix like [br] operating systems, like Linux (exception: Mac OS X still uses Cmd-q) [br] [br] SCUMM: [br] - Old zak256 target removed, use zakTowns instead [br] - Added native support for Macintosh versions using a special container [br] file. This removes the need for using the 'RESCUMM' program [br] - Partially rewrote the text engine, fixing various bugs [br] - Corrected actor drawing glitches in V1 Maniac and Zak [br] [br] Queen: [br] - Various fixes [TODO: Somebody of the Queen team please fill this in] [br] [br] Sword2: [br] - Simplified memory/resource management [br] - Simplified sound effects handling [br] - Various minor bugfixes.