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Thread: FFVII Advent Children NA Release Date Set

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    Cool FFVII Advent Children NA Release Date Set

    I'm very suprised no one has posted this yet.

    2 disc DVD and the UMD Video for PSP are schedualed for the North American release on April 25th. This will be the english dubbed version, not the japanese version with english subtitles

    English Voice Cast

    Cloud Strife: Steve Burton
    Tifa Lockhart: Rachael Leigh Cook
    Kadaj: Steve Staley
    Rufus Shinra: Wally Wingert
    Reno: Quinton Flynn
    Rude: Crispin Freeman
    Yazoo: Dave Wittenberg
    Loz: Fred Tatasciore
    Vincent Valentine: Steve Blum
    Barett Wallace: Beau Billingslea
    Cid Highwind: Chris Edgerly
    Yuffie Kisaragi: Christy Romano
    Cait Sith: Gregg Ellis
    Red XIII: Liam O'Brien
    Reeve: Jamieson Price
    Tseng: Ryun Yu
    Elena: Bettina Bush
    Marlene: Wallace Grace Rolek
    Denzel: Benjamin Bryan
    Girl: Andrea Bowen
    Zack: Rick Gomez
    Aerith Gainsborough: Mena Suvari
    Sephiroth: George Newbern

    Official Advent Children Site
    Press Release
    Advent Children Fansite

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    Yes front paged this is big news.

    edit: Later found out it was old news. Deleted newspost.

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