Blue Gecko Entertainment are proud to announce the launch of Genesis, an epic MMO strategy game of good v evil.

Genesis has evolved out of Wizards and Warlocks developed by independent game company Blue Gecko Entertainment – creators of Galactica , an MMO space conquest game.

A new round called Osiris is accepting player sign ups now and will start on Thursday March 2nd.

During this Beta round magic spell casting will be introduced.

The player can pick from 6 races. Human, Dwarf and Elf representing Good or Orc, Goblin or Undead representing evil.

Each race has it's own strengths and weakness'.

Each player will start on a planet containing 10 good and 10 evil cities.

Each start city has enough basic resources to build an initial army and more buildings.

Grow your city using your own resources or take them from others.

Contact your neighbours and form alliances.

Use diplomacy or fight to control your planet.

Grow your city and research technology to access your travel gate and explore the other planets in your solar system.

With 5 planets per solar system the game grows to feature 100 players, some planets may be good, some evil – which side will emerge as the dominant force of the system.

With further city growth and advancements you will have access to the whole galaxy, which contains up to 100 systems potentially 10,000 players!

The ultimate goal is for a member of your alliance to summon the altar and defend it for 72 hours to win the game.

To do this you will need to build a strong alliance of players and work with other alliances diplomatically to gain support.

The game features include:
Army building – Each race has it's own unit types to train into an army.
City Building – mines, defences, libraries, barracks etc
Tech Research – Travel, mining, training and spells
Diplomacy – dedicated alliance screen, create leader, set missions.
The game is freely downloadable from
The game is free to play with an option to subscribe to Blue Gecko and enhance the gaming experience.
The Blue Gecko game client also offers strategy gamers the chance to play – Galactica alomg with Chess, Battleships, Treasure Hunt and Go.

Game development at Blue Gecko Entertainment continues ...