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    Default Rumors, rumors

    News via sceners

    Everyone raise your hand if you don’t like rumors.
    Oh, well, we have more than one or two hands raised, what a surprise. Who hasn’t heared every single 88v3/3k rumors, PS3 OMFG-30GB-ISOZ rumors, or even that new PSP hardware revisions that never come; rumors that make you punch directly to the table and close the firefox tab?
    So, there is another one, another PSP2 rumor that has come around the Pocket Gamer sources, with interesting stuff like a sliding touchscreen (what remembers me of the 089 project, what a pity it didn’t succeed), dual analog controls, and with a release date of before this Christmas.
    Damn, not yet finished with 3k models and now a 4k model that might be a true competitor to even the iPhone? Well, i don’t believe in rumors as one of my principles, but anyway. If something is released, Sony will give it enough publicity and we’ll see it anywhere.
    That reminds me of that PSP-Phone. Oh, and the 3000 model with built-in camera. Oh, and that tons of PS3 darkness-hacking-videos on Youtube. Oh, and … Well, everything that you can remember.
    I just hope that if there is any revision, it’s at least as wide as the DS one.

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    As always, i try to not get too worked up about rumors like these. I await official news and then I'll be excited.

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