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Thread: Ultimate PSP Game Experience Thread

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    psp Ultimate PSP Game Experience Thread

    Okay so my idea on creating this thread is to make a thread where users can share and consult other users game experiences so they have an idea if the game is for them or not.

    EDIT: I think it should be added a pro's and con's for each game. Thread updated accordingly.
    EDIT 2: Forgot to put the genre of each game -_-. Thread updated accordingly.

    [If this thread has any success I believe it should be stickied]

    I'll start by sharing my own game experiences:

    Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII -
    Action RPG/Square-Enix
    Many people call this game a button-masher, but it doesn't make this game any less awesome. Crisis Core is one of the best RPGs on the PSP and there is nothing that will change that. Storywise the game is brilliant, graphics are cintillant and the ST is nothing short of fenomenal... The only downside is the repetite gameplay but it still won't stain your experience.


    - Engaging storyline that keeps you tied until the end (even if you played FFVII, the outcome will still surprise you);
    - Takeharu Ishimoto's job of the soundtrack makes the game even more enjoyable;
    - Mission System makes it perfect for portable play;
    - Killer graphics are some of the best on the Playstation Portable.


    - Gameplay stained by a button-mashing style, even if it is still enjoyable should you get into it;
    - Random battles are NOT so random. Walk close to the sides of the scenarios and you will be able to get by without fights;
    - Getting to the extra boss of the game can be tiring if you do not feel like doing all the missions.

    Score 9/10

    Dissidia - Final Fantasy - (Japanese Import)
    Fighting-RPG Hybrid/Square-Enix
    Most likely the better game released by Square-Enix in the last few years. Dissidia came to revolutionize the fighting genre by making a fighting/RPG hybrid. And the outcome is nothing short of fenomenal. Gameplay is as good as it gets, graphics looks awesome and the ST again is brilliant. Storywise the game is also very good and in my first playthrough (without script translation help) I could gather some of it by the expressions on the characters faces and voices. To add to that it will last you a lifetime.


    - Unique fighting game, that doesn't take too much time learning, and is quite enjoyable;
    - A compilation of the original tracks and Takeharu Ishimoto's arrangements top this game off greatly;
    - Story mode lasts at least 60h and the rest of the unlocking will take you another 40h;
    - Ghost sharing with your friends is an awesome idea. Never beat a friend before? Ask for his ghost and train against it!
    - Another graphical gem from the folks at Square-Enix;


    - DLC would have been killer for this game since Dissidia 2 has been scrapped for now;
    - The real challenge only starts after you get to lvl. 100. Until there most fights will be kinda easy, with some real hard ones here and then;
    - Online multiplayer!! Where is it?!

    Score 9/10

    Jeanne D'Arc
    Tactical RPG/Level-5
    Level 5's lone game on the PSP is a stroke of tactical brilliance. Jeanne D'Arc mixes hstory and fantasy and creates a game you won't soon forget and will most likely come back to once or twice. Anime style graphics paired with a very solid ST make this one of the better PSP games to have come out. Plus some unique concepts brought by Level 5 into the tactical genre make for a very enjoyable gameplay. Too bad EU gamers need to import this gem [as I did] to be able to get a taste of this greatness.


    - Unique take on the story of Jeanne D'Arc, which is very engaging from start to finish;
    - Some added extras onto the tactical genre (like Unified Guard) puts this game apart from other tactical RPGs;
    - Anime graphics make this game easy on the eye, even if it's not state of the art graphics;
    - Very durable game with lots of hours guaranteed.


    - Although the ST is very solid, it's missing something to make it epic;

    Score 9/10

    I will post more game experiences if this thread gets any success. User participation is highly encouraged.
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    DAXTER -
    Platformer/Ready at Dawn studios

    One of the first psp platformers out there and its absolutely brilliant, great story, great chracters, great humour and technically still one of the best looking psp games out there


    - Great storyline with really engagig humour
    - stellar gameplay with great minigames and loads of extra unlockables to increase replayability
    - gameplay is broken down into seperate missions great for pick up and play
    - daxter and god of war show why ready at dawn are on top of their game in developing for the psp


    - mini games may get repetitive
    -most extras don't really add anything to the gameplay


    i sold this game ages ago and bought the platinum edition when it came out and i was blown away, definately desereves a place on any true psp gamers shelf i'm looking at you kyyubidx

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    Final Fantasy I & II 20th Anniversary Editions

    These little underrated gems are the starting point of an epic saga. If you have never played these you should definitely give these a chance. Revamped 2D graphics and music give them a not-so-outdated feel and each one will at least give you 40h.


    - The first two games of the saga never looked so good in their lives;
    - Solid storylines, as expected from a Square-Enix game;


    - Outdated graphics might put off non-hardcore fans from these games;
    - If you do not get truly into them you might get lost at some points in the game;
    - Even if it is a revamped port, it is still a port.

    Score: 7/10

    God of War: Chains of Olympus
    Action/Ready at Dawn

    Kratos comes to the PSP with one of the best efforts in the system. Splendid graphics, awesome ST and solid story make this game a must-have for any PSP owner.


    - Fabulous graphics are as god as you'll ever get on the system;
    - Solid storyline and ST make for an immersive experience;
    - Some extras and added difficulty are unlocked when you finished the game for some replayability;


    - The added dificulty doesn't add much into the game except for some more hours that the original mode doesn't give.
    - The extras are a little pointless, even if fun.
    - Too short. Sad but true.

    Score: 9/10

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    Monster Hunter 2
    Your a hunter that kills monsters
    Lots of missions
    customizable weapons
    good gaphics
    Not much of a storyline
    somewhat repetitive

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