Evil Dragon has posted news on the Openpandora site about the latest news of the Pandora console:

Yep, we're still alive!
And we all do hope you had a very happy easter and some free days.
It's time for a very comprehensive blog post - the best prediction we can give at the moment.
It definately is kinda hard to predict some stuff, as communication between the various timezones is taking some time...
For example, if I send the battery layout to Michael to check it for sizes and afterwards he sends it to the Chinese factory... geez, there are three VERY different timezones involved...
Anyways, back to the topic. I had quite a bit of work to do during the easter days, I created the battery label (not only the part you already seen, but the label with exact cuttings and measurements).
And I had to translate the complete GP2X WIZ Manual into german language (about 70 pages... whoooopsie... yeah, I know it's not Pandora related, but I do multiple things at once )

Okay, now onto our (best case) prediction...

Our current plan is to build a half dozen prototypes for rev3 by the end of April or first week of May (depending on how far the devs get with the software).
Michael will test them thoroughly with a new kernel from Notaz/DJWillis. The tests will mainly be to make sure the boards were manufactured properly (since they will be from the company who will provide production quantities) and to make sure they were soldered properly.
So basically, our final hardware test will start soon!

We're trying to make sure we can build up to the first 500 units in May (at most). The next 3500 should be finished in June.
The transparent case should arrive within the next few days. After that, we can finally start the moulding process!
It does seem like the best date we will have cases is the end of May. After they arrive, we can finally start shipping, as the boards will be ready at that time.

Some things can and will be done in parallel, so that that stuff will be ready when the Pandora is finished:

- Get carry cases manufactured
- Do CE and FCC (CE will be done with one of those Rev3 Boards, FCC can't be done before we have the first final unit)

I guess this is the most comprehensive route map you ever got, eh? We're getting there

And again: A BIG thanks to all of you for sitting this out with us. Every one of us does owe a LOT to you!

Lets hope this does see a release day very soon