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Tested on 5.00m33-4 on a psp phat

This application removes and back-ups certain files in flash0. currently, it installs, unistall the location free

player, the dic folder and unistalls the camera feature located in the xmb thus
saving you approximatley 3mb so far.


copy Flash Spacer V2.5 to PSP/GAME

this will work in any of the game folders and will now create and restore back-ups.
this should also run the slim, but with any programs that access the flash beware.

(x) - Back-Ups the location free player and them removes it.
[R]- Restores the Loaction Free Player Back-Up.
/\ - Backs-Up the dic folder and then removes it.
[L] - Restores a backed up dic folder
[] - removes the camera function, no back up is made
[Start] - Exits
known bugs:
this will not back-up the camera_plugin. im working on a fix
if a back-up is non-existant, Flash spacer will act if one is present and continue with commands. nothing

will be flashed

Further info:
in future releases, you may end up with a semi-brick by flashing a corrupt file.
if this happens, go to the recovery menu, retrieve the back-up from ms0:/PSP/GAME/Flash Spacer

and restore it to its original location in the flash.

Transferring back-ups from previos releases:
if you have made backs-ups from previous flash spacers, you can transfer the back-ups.
this is done by:
1) making a Back-Up folder in the folder as the EBOOT.PBP
2)inside the Back-Up folder make a further folder, depending on which you want to restore.
if you want to restore the Location Free Player, make a folder called LFP and place the back-up FILES

inside it.

Restoring functions if back ups are lost.
you will either have to dump a the fw you are running and restore them manually
or you will have to up/down grade the fw.

further new sleek menu
easy to follow selections
improved code
added a function to remove the dic folder.<---the dic folder is used for japenese games. if you try to play a

game or use a function that requires these, the PSP will crash. if you want to play the game, restore the

added a function to restore the dic folder.
added a exit method via start.
automatically makes back-up folders.
now saves approx of 3mb

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