PSMonkey has posted some great news about his Nintendo 64 Emulator for PSP (which is also coming to Dreamcast thanks to GPF), heres what he has posted:

Yep, I've got a secret and I have lied a bit to downplay it. The reason was I did not want to get people overly excited to early but I am slowly feeling confident at the current time. While the secret is not mario64 running it is something that is pushing me close to that. So what is it?

Well since about thursday last week (after the absolute crap demo started working) i've been working my ass off like crazy on rsp emulation. Just yesterday I finaly had my first rdp opcode executed and today have been working my ass off to implement dummy opcodes so I can progress it enough to render out untextured quads.

Are games running? Well no they aren't. Currently I am experimenting with two roms. The first is Mortal Kombat trillogy & the second is the PD rom VNes (nes emu by JL-Picard). Both are calling on the rdp to render and have been a great source to help advance emulation. So what about mario? Well actualy mario is also using the rsp yet is waiting on me to implement vector opcodes. Once I can get mortal kombat playable then I will start up on vector ops in hopes of getting mario up and running soon.

So the big question is, will the 9th release run games? The answer is maybe. If it does it will only be mortal kombat trillogy. Tho once I do get mario64 running a new build will be released.

So that is my big suprise secret. I hope you all enjoy it & pray to the monkey gods I can get mkt running by the 9th.

PS, once I get a fully rendered out screen, I will post pictures.

PS, the RSP/RDP is being done LLE style atm with a pure interpreter (minus the drawing which is piped to the psp gpu, not gonna software render triangles. pfff). This is important as it will let me experiment on the instructions to find a faster method on different parts of the hardware.

Check out the screenshots in this Forum Topic

Things are looking very interesting for both PSP and Dreamcast users (although the Dreamcast has less memory), keep your eyes peeled to both PSMonkey`s and GPF`s) websites for more news on this emulator.