Unfortunately, it seems that the death of 3D Realms was the best way for us to get our hands on the largest collection of Duke Nukem Forever screens we've ever seen, and now, footage of the game in action. Found on ex-3D Realms employee Bryan Brewer's personal website (found after the break due to its NSFW-ness), we're treated to the ubiquitous pig cops (now with the ability to jump and climb, apparently) as well as a variety of Duke vulgarities you likely won't want your mother to hear.

If anything, the footage proves that a ton of different gameplay was actually finished and -- we're not gonna lie here -- looks pretty decent. We didn't spot any jetpack totin' reptilian enemies unfortunately, but we can only presume the folks at 3D Realms were waiting until the last possible minute to show off such nostalgia laden insanity. Wait, isn't right now the last possible minute?