An entry in the Neoflash Coding Comp, heres the details:

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Watari - Watara Supervision Emulator For Nintendo DS

Watari is a port of the only known Watara Supervision emulator for windows, called Potator.

0.1 - Private
Initial port of Potator
Keys and Gfx working
Reset Key combination
0.2 - Private
Color Scheme Selection
Filesystem semi-working
0.3 - Private
Filesystem working
0.4 - Public
neoflash splash screen added
rom selection shortcut key
attempted sound (but failed ><)

D-pad : D-pad
Start : Start
Select : Select
A : A
B : B
L+R : Reset
L+Dpad : Color Scheme
Select+Start : Rom Selection screen

Known Issues
Cant open folders (change directories)
No Sound

Unzip Watari to the root of your SD/CF and create a folder on the root of your SD/CF called "sv" and place all your roms(uncompressed) in that directory. now start up Watari and choose the rom you want to play and push A

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